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Production and Market of Chlorpyrifos in China

  • Publisher: Kcomber, Inc.
  • Publication date: May. 12, 2015
  • Format: Electronic – PDF
  • Pages: 110
  • Price: $7020
Table of contents
 The report of Production and Market of chlorpyrifos in China offers you: 

- Use our long-term forecasts to adjust your strategy
- Understand the underlying trends driving change in the industry
- Gain insight into leading Chinese producers
- Access extra insight by speaking with our research team directly

At present, the domestic chlorpyrifos market maintains a stable growth, while the limitation to chlorpyrifos becomes more in foreign chlorpyrifos market. The two major problems affecting domestic chlorpyrifos industry are environmental protection and overcapacity. So, China could still keeps the large production and consumption country in the world only when these two problems has been solved.

This report gives detailed analysis to the market change and future trend of chlorpyrifos industry in China, including:

- To introduce the supply and price of major raw materials of chlorpyrifos;
- To offer the data of export, production and price of chlorpyrifos in China during 2012-2014 and some of which have updated to April 2015;
- To forecast the production, consumption and price of chlorpyrifos in China during 2015-2019;
- To give profiles of over ten major chlorpyrifos producers in China.