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Financial Performance of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises in 2015

  • Publisher: Kcomber, Inc.
  • Publication date: Jun. 3, 2016
  • Format: Electronic – PDF
  • Pages: 51
  • Price: $1296
Table of contents

As representatives of pesticide companies in China, domestic listed pesticide enterprises are supposed to be the guides for the development of the whole industry. In this report, financial performance of 18 domestic listed enterprises involved in pesticides or pesticide intermediates were summarized and analyzed.

In 2015, China’s pesticide industry presented a downward trend. Financial data in 2015 show that listed pesticide enterprises’ performance was falling remarkably. In 2015, some listed pesticide enterprises adjusted their business layout, such as Huapont Life Sciences, CEFC International and Shandong Shengli. In addition, enterprises were attaching more and more importance to e-commerce. For example, Shenzhen Noposion, Shandong Shengli, Huapont Life Sciences and Hubei Sononda all began their e-commerce business.

From this report, you can learn the following four aspects of the 18 Chinese listed pesticide enterprises:
1. Financial performance in 2015 and YoY changes, including revenue, operating profit, net profit, revenue and gross profit margin from pesticide business;
2. Changes of revenue and net profit in the latest five years and the reasons;
3. Adjustment to business structure in the recent 2-3 years;
4. Development strategy and development trends in the near future.