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Survey of Acetochlor in China

  • Publisher: Kcomber, Inc.
  • Publication date: Feb. 15, 2017
  • Format: Electronic – PDF
  • Pages: 41
  • Price: $2700
Table of contents
 This report provides an overview of the acetochlor industry in China in the aspects of production, product price, exports and consumption.

Acetochlor is an important selective herbicide in China, which can be used for pre-emergent control of annual weeds and some broadleaf weeds in the fields of corn, cotton, peanut, soybean, etc. In recent years, the domestic acetochlor market has been underperforming amidst a generally depressing pesticide industry in the country. Some acetochlor technical producers in China have suspended or even stopped producing the product during this period. Besides the production level, the domestic price and export volume of acetochlor products made in China witnessed downtrends as well. It seems that the domestic acetochlor producers are encountering a lot of difficulties. 
The following parts are key components of this report:
a. Brief introduction to development of China’s pesticide industry and acetochlor’s position in the domestic herbicide industry
b. Nation-wise and producer-wise capacity and output of acetochlor technical in China, 2013–2015
c. Prices of acetochlor technical and formulations in China, 2011–2015
d. Exports of acetochlor technical and formulations in China by month/destination/exporter, 2013–2015
e. Consumption of acetochlor formulations in China by application field, 2013–2015
f. Forecast on supply and demand of acetochlor in China, 2016–2020