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The potential economic and environmental impact of using current GM traits in Ukraine arable crop production

  • Publisher: PG Economics Ltd, UK
  • Publication date: May. 1, 2012
  • Format: Electronic – PDF
  • Pages: 52
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Table of contents
This paper examines the potential economic and environmental impacts of using current commercialised crop biotechnology in Ukraine.

It draws on the wide body of literature that has examined these issues globally and uses this evidence as the primary base for assessing potential impacts in Ukraine relative to current conventional production systems.  

The specific biotech traits examined in the paper are:

•  Herbicide tolerant (GM HT) and novel hybrid (higher yielding) oilseed rape;
•  Herbicide tolerant soybeans;
•  Herbicide tolerant sugar beet;
•  Herbicide tolerant maize;
•  Insect resistant (GM IR) maize (to corn boring and/or corn rootworm pests).